Our Firm Made Another Significant Transaction in Downtown Flushing

Represented the Modell Family, Mr. Charles Chan and Mrs. Daphne Chan sold the former Modell building at 39-12 Main Street, Flushing. This iconic building has two entrances, one on Main St and another one on Roosevelt Ave., it has a foot print of 14,700 sf offering 4.8 FAR (with CF)(70,560 BSF). Since it is located in the heart of the downtown, the price went over $60 mil.

Just Sold: An Industrial Building Next to Home Depot in Downtown Flushing

As sole procuring broker, Daphne Chan sold an off market industrial building to an user. Located next to Home Depot on Sanford Ave, 131-19 Sanford Ave., Flushing, it is one of the most sought after locations for people in construction material supply business. Existing building is one story 5000 sf but has 2 FAR (M1-2 zone). The sales price was close to $1,000 per sf.

East Williamsburg, the Promising Emerging Market with High Demand

Our Industrial Team, led by Daphne and Anny Wu, leased 34,511 sf industrial warehouse to a retail wholesaler in fashion accessories business. This property features multiple loading docks, high ceiling and parking. The address is 1250 Metropolitan Ave., East Williamsburg, corner of Steward Ave.

Office Lease in Downtown Flushing

Again represented the owner exclusively, Daphne Chan and Anny Wu leased 3400 sf office space at 39-06 Main Street, 3rd Floor, Main St., Flushing to a financial company. We were the sole broker in the lease transaction.

A Lease Just Inked in Downtown Roslyn Long Island

As Exclusive Agent, Daphne Chan found a tenant who is in food distribution business- Dr. Munch NY Inc and leased the 26,000 sf industry space to them, “it was a prefect match” they said. The property is located in downtown Roslyn, 34 Lumber Road, Roslyn. This area has transformed from industrial to retail, restaurant, art gallery, Flex/ R& D and high end residential.

An Old Restaurant Finally Changed Hand in Midtown Manhattan

149 E 57 Street, Midtown Manhattan, it used to be occupied by a French and Vietnamese restaurant for 40 years called “La Colonial” but finally has changed hand to a high end Italian restaurant . The building is going through major renovation and will be open to the public soon. Daphne Chan and Charles Chan represented both the landlord and the tenant. The building has 3 stories, total 7,500 sf, but leased to one tenant.

During the Covid and Pandemic Time, We Fought and Worked Hard and We Survive!

Despite the impact of pandemic, Harvest International was able to close the following transactions:

  1. As Exclusive Agent, Harvest sold 13,000 sf commercial condo to an investor located at 37-14 34 Street, Long Island City. The entire building was a brand new mixed-use building 7 story high. The commercial unit situated at the base of the building. Harvest was the Exclusive Agent also the sole agent for the transaction. Daphne Chan, Charles Chan and Anny Wu worked as a team.
  2. Daphne Chan, Charles Chan and Anny Wu did another off market lease deal – leased over 10,000 sf commercial space to a nonprofit organization, “ American International Puti (Bodhi) Dharma Society “ located at 35-05 Farrington St., Flushing.
  3. Representing both the landlord and the tenant, Mr. Charles Chan leased the 6800 sf restaurant space to the East Buffet Group at 136-59 37 Ave., Flushing located on second floor. This successful restaurant group has many locations and concepts, they named this one as “ Emperor Seafood Restaurant “.
  4. As Exclusive Agent and the sole procuring broker, Daphne Chan made two lease transactions in Flushing: 7500 sf and 9000 sf industrial warehouses located at 132-34 32nd Ave and 31-45 Downing St. Flushing. Both tenants are in kitchen cabinets, counter top and tile business.

In July of 2019, Anton Marchuk and Daphne Chan of Harvest International broke the deal for their customer to lease a restaurant space on Columbus Ave and 106 Street in Manhattan. A 10-year lease is signed between Port Nola New Orleans and Cajun Cuisine (Tenant) and Walter & Samuels (Landlord). The Landlord in this transaction was represented by Winick Realty.

In June 2019, Anton Marchuk of Harvest International leased 9,000 SF community facility space for Sundance Senior Center in a new development located at 500 Livonia Ave in Brooklyn, NY. Anton represented the Tenant exclusively; E.L. Martin Partners was the exclusive broker for the Landlord.

In December 2018, Daphne Zhou-Chan of Harvest International team up with Ripco, successfully helped T-Mobile to sign a lease extension located 136-16 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY.

365 Ten Eyck Street, East Williamsburg of Brooklyn, a 20,000 sf  warehouse building was leased to a food company called “ Oh My Green”.

Daphne Zhou-Chan represented the landlord exclusively, and Jones Lang La Sale represented the tenant.

In first quarter of 2019, Daphne Zhou-Chan, President of Harvest International,  sold two industrial properties in downtown Flushing, located at 32-37 Downing Street ( 9,300 SF ), and 32-04 Downing Street ( 8,300 SF).

We are thrilled to announce that on May 2019, Daphne Zhou-Chan and Charles Chan, the President and CEO of Harvest International, closed a lease deal on their exclusive listing at 127-40 Willets Point Boulevard in Flushing, Queens. The building has 110,000 SF warehouse and 55,000 SF front yard. Daphne and Charles were the sole brokers in this deal. This is one of the most significant transactions based on the leased square footage that took place in the area.

Harvest International is thrilled to announce that its team. led by the company’s president Daphne Zhou-Chan in contribution with Anny Wu, leasing and sales associate, has recently leased several offices in Downtown Flushing, Queens with combined size of 5,127 SF. The leased properties are located on Roosevelt Avenue, Main Street, and 41 Avenue. Anny Wu also did another lease deal for about 1,900 SFretail store at 49-29 Metropolitan Avenue in Maspeth, NY. Harvest International was the sole broker for the leased transactions.

Harvest International was established in 1992. We specialize in all types of commercial real estate. For more information about the company, please visit “About Us” section on our website.

Roosevelt Ave                                                       Metropolitan Ave                                                     

Daphne Chan and Anny Wu of Harvest International has successfully leased 2000 square feet office space at 39-20 Main Street Flushing, NY. The location is at the thriving intersection of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue. The Team represented both the landlord and the tenant. The tenant is H & R Block.