Anny Wanling Wu, MBA

Anny Wanling Wu, MBA

Director of Sales and Leasing

Office 516-326-8221

Anny (Wanling) Wu joined Harvest International in February 2017 as an executive assistant to begin her career in the field of Commercial Real Estate. In January 2018, she was promoted to be the office manager and based on her above-and-beyond dedicated work ethics and overall attitude towards her job, she was given the opportunity to work side by side with the President of the firm in the sales and leasing. In July 2020, she was promoted to be the director of sales and leasing.

Prior to joining Harvest International, she was a Licensed High School Teacher in China. She attended Shanghai Normal University in China, graduated with a BA in Education and continued her Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Finance from University of Phoenix.

At Harvest International, Anny was responsible for all administrative duties and team support tasks, including Human Re-sources and recruitment, company correspondence, gathering and analyzing all pertinent commercial real estate information, communicating with upper management of departmental needs, as well as building up and keeping relationship with clients. It is of no surprise for a young lady with so much talents, wearing so many hats and still can devote so much energy to her chosen field. Now as the Director of Sales and Leasing, she is facing a new challenge of developing a team of the next generation. With her above-and-beyond work ethics and passion, the company has every confidence that she will soon be the next rising star in the Commercial Real Estate industry.