During the Covid and Pandemic Time, We Fought and Worked Hard and We Survive!

Despite the impact of pandemic, Harvest International was able to close the following transactions:

  1. As Exclusive Agent, Harvest sold 13,000 sf commercial condo to an investor located at 37-14 34 Street, Long Island City. The entire building was a brand new mixed-use building 7 story high. The commercial unit situated at the base of the building. Harvest was the Exclusive Agent also the sole agent for the transaction. Daphne Chan, Charles Chan and Anny Wu worked as a team.
  2. Daphne Chan, Charles Chan and Anny Wu did another off market lease deal – leased over 10,000 sf commercial space to a nonprofit organization, “ American International Puti (Bodhi) Dharma Society “ located at 35-05 Farrington St., Flushing.
  3. Representing both the landlord and the tenant, Mr. Charles Chan leased the 6800 sf restaurant space to the East Buffet Group at 136-59 37 Ave., Flushing located on second floor. This successful restaurant group has many locations and concepts, they named this one as “ Emperor Seafood Restaurant “.
  4. As Exclusive Agent and the sole procuring broker, Daphne Chan made two lease transactions in Flushing: 7500 sf and 9000 sf industrial warehouses located at 132-34 32nd Ave and 31-45 Downing St. Flushing. Both tenants are in kitchen cabinets, counter top and tile business.
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