In June 2019, Anton Marchuk of Harvest International leased 9,000 SF community facility space for Sundance Senior Center in a new development located at 500 Livonia Ave in Brooklyn, NY. Anton represented the Tenant exclusively; E.L. Martin Partners was the exclusive broker for the Landlord.

In December 2018, Daphne Zhou-Chan of Harvest International team up with Ripco, successfully helped T-Mobile to sign a lease extension located 136-16 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY.

365 Ten Eyck Street, East Williamsburg of Brooklyn, a 20,000 sf  warehouse building was leased to a food company called “ Oh My Green”.

Daphne Zhou-Chan represented the landlord exclusively, and Jones Lang La Sale represented the tenant.

In first quarter of 2019, Daphne Zhou-Chan, President of Harvest International,  sold two industrial properties in downtown Flushing, located at 32-37 Downing Street ( 9,300 SF ), and 32-04 Downing Street ( 8,300 SF).

We are thrilled to announce that on May 2019, Daphne Zhou-Chan and Charles Chan, the President and CEO of Harvest International, closed a lease deal on their exclusive listing at 127-40 Willets Point Boulevard in Flushing, Queens. The building has 110,000 SF warehouse and 55,000 SF front yard. Daphne and Charles were the sole brokers in this deal. This is one of the most significant transactions based on the leased square footage that took place in the area.